Best Juice For Weight Loss

Best Juice For Weight Loss

Best Juice For Weight Loss

Juicing is a simple and fast way to increase the nutrition content of your diet that includes vitamins, minerals and enzymes that could act as antioxidants in your body. Most people don’t realize that one reason behind gaining weight is lack of nutrients within the body. Increasing the nutrient content of your food is one of the first steps you could take in losing weight.

Before we get started, lets check couple of misunderstanding and disinformation. The mathematics behind weight loss remains constant, and that is to lose one pound of, you need to spend 3500 calories.

Anyone who promises you otherwise is counting on your desperation to sell you something. If you want to lose 10 pounds of fat in one week, you need to spend 35,000 with three zeros of additional calories in that week. For most that is impossible. If you move around for several hours in Antarctica or if you are a male basketball player over 200 pounds playing hoops for several hours, then you can.

In certain cases, it is possible to lose 10 pounds of body weight in one week.

The confusion between “fat loss” and “weight loss” is a loophole many diet programs exploit in their marketing efforts. Body weight could be undigested food weight that is remaining in your intestines because of poor quality food or lack of bowel movement. Body weight could also include water retained by your body to protect itself against inflammation and toxicity, as well as high salt and sugar content in your food.

It is fairly easy to increase your bowel movement by providing you with high-fiber low-calorie foods as well as products that increase your intestinal motions. Many diet programs called this cleansing.

At the same time by reducing salt and sugar in your system and increasing your water intake you would lose the additional water your bodies is retaining.

By removing the undigested waste from your intestines and the additional water retained in your body, you could lose 5, 10 or 15 pounds in a week or two.  Very little of the body weight you lose in that time is body fat.

For you to be healthy, you need to lose fat and not focus on weight. There is a difference. And the difference is one reason many diet programs cannot continue delivering results after the first couple of weeks.

To lose weight and keep it off you need make lifestyle changes. A “best juice diet” you follow for a week or two is not then answer.

Juicing could be the easiest and fastest way to make the first steps in that lifestyle change that lasts for all lifetime.

Juicing can help you lose five 10, 15 of 20 pounds in two weeks but now you know that it is mostly body weight and not body fat. Still, with weight comes extra volume. So when you do lose 10 or 15 pounds you could fit in that special black dress  for that special event coming up soon.

One difference that juicing offers is reducing the stress on your digestive system. We spent a lot of energy digesting foods that we should not be eating. Or, digesting foods that we should not be eating as much.

It is difficult to juice any of those junk foods. So by juicing,  you end up not only extracting nutrition from your food but also avoid junk food.

Remember that fiber is not junk food, it is necessary for your body to function well.  Juicing also removes fiber from your food that is not healthy and in some cases risky.

Many people who would carry additional weight of also other health challenges including diabetes. Fiber food especially in fruits slows down the absorption of sugar, and it gives you a more steady increase in blood sugar. Removing the fiber from the fruits through this process of extraction means the sugars into your bloodstream faster and cause sugar spikes. Juicing supposed to be healthy, and it can if you don’t go overboard.

There are other health benefits in trying to lose weight and not through juicing alone but including juicing as part of your nutrition program.

Convenience – one of the biggest obstacles to getting nutrition into food is lack of time. Juicing is the fastest way which makes it both convenient and practical to increase your nutrition intake. You have to remember nutrients are complex chemical compounds with thousands of variations in millions of interactions. What you can get from whole fruits and vegetables is different than what you can get from juicing them. Either form is far superior and more complete than any vitamin or mineral supplement you can get.

Natural flavors – when that’s juiced his/her tongue, your taste buds going to a state of ecstasy. What you taste is the natural power of flavors that your body is designed to like assuming that is running at its optimal performance. With all the preservatives and the entire army of scientist trying to modify your taste buds and get them addicted to certain flavors and tastes, your body has a difficult time recognizing what’s natural. Still somewhere inside you recognize the difference between a fresh squeezed orange juice or soluble vitamin C that is flavored with orange taste.

Increase energy – the irreplaceable combination of vitamins and minerals enzymes within natural fruits and vegetables create balance in your body that allows the body to run at higher efficiency.  Energy you feel from juicing is not just a sugar spike, it is the result of how your body works.  The result is both immediate and long lasting energy.

Detoxification – adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables provide the highest level of detoxification in your body partly because of the fiber content. Juicing removes the detoxification benefits of fiber. Still when you’re a liar and juicing this to the fast food you do add an element of detoxification through prevention. Also, juicing provides your body with the nutrient needs to perform the complex process of detoxification which happens at cellular level.

There are two approaches to losing weight through juicing. The first one is called a juice fast which means you don’t consume anything other than fruit and vegetable juices. Juice fast has never made sense to me unless it is done under a medical professionals supervision and with the juicing recipe this complete in itself.

A person with diabetes or potential to have diabetes who goes on a juicing fast consisting of beets, apples and carrots are just inviting disaster by increasing their blood sugar content without even the cushion of fibers.

The other way to begin juicing to lose weight is by substituting some of your meals with a well-planned juicing recipe. You can begin by substituting a highly processed breakfast cereal with juice for example. Or  substitute couple of lunches a week with a juice and include the side of whole fruits and vegetables to include fiber and keep you satisfied if necessary.

Remember that your planning to include juicing as a part of your lifestyle don’t make it so hard to cannot continue to process. best juice recipe for weight loss is a plan you follow and not a juice extraction recipe.