Juicing For Health

Your health primarily depends on your priorities and your choices. Your priorities show up in the type of questions you ask. If you ask, “what is the best juice extractor?”  You are focusing on the juicer, but not necessarily the process that fits you.

More effective questions relate to your reasons for juicing, how long those reasons last and how much of your resources they require?

If you’re juicing for health benefits during pregnancy, once you deliver your reason for juicing will disappear.

The hormones that run through your body during pregnancy play havoc with the way you think and they way you feel. Under those conditions are you going to be willing and able to work with a complicated juicer that may require additional time and patience?

The best juicer for a pregnant woman is not necessarily the best juice extractor for someone who wants to include juicing as part of a weight loss plan.

Another factor is your current health condition. It is not beneficial for a person with diabetes to create blood sugar spikes. A centrifugal juicer which may work well for hard  fruits  and vegetables like apples and carrots do not do so well for leafy greens that have much lower sugar content.

Below is the is a priority of the questions I ask and buying juicers and recommending them. I do own more than one juicer each one of them serves a purpose. But also on different blenders that have their place.

  • What is your primary goal in juicing?
  • What are the best juicing recipes to help me reach that goal?
  • What is the best juicing machine for those recipes?


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